About Us

With over 20 years experience, Innovative Conferences & Communications has the expertise, knowledge and desire to create events and conferences of distinguished calibre. Through careful listening and discernment of client needs, Innovative Conferences & Communications is able to deliver dynamic results using our strong supplier relationships, negotiations skills, fiscal awareness, and project management processes

Heather Reid, ARCT MSc

Owner and Principal Planner of Innovative Conferences & Communications – independent, third party conference planning firm operating for more than 15 years. With over 20 years experience in planning and executing all phases of national and provincial conferences, and social events for groups of 200 to 800, Heather Reid brings a wealth of planning expertise, strong leadership skills and unique ideas to each project. Heather Reid was the Vice President, Membership (2013 – 2015) on the Board of Directors of CanSPEP (Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners, is currently serving as the Chair of Southwestern Ontario Community of CanSPEP, and has been a member of the Society since 2005.

Sharon Lapointe

Assistant Planner – Sharon has been with Innovative Conferences & Communications since 2008, and brings to her position a wide range of organizational and interpersonal skills. Sharon’s work focuses on registrar responsibilities, exhibitor and sponsor relations, and office management.

Susan Mason

Information Specialist – Susan has been with Innovative Conferences & Communications since August 2012, and brings 20+ years of software development, design and drafting skills, and website design experience. Susan’s work focuses on social media strategies, website and database development and maintenance, and general office support.

Scott Reid, PMP


Information Technology Specialist (20+ years experience); Project Management Specialist; subcontractor of Innovative Conferences & Communications for all IT needs and project management expertise.

Yvonne Munn
Professional, self-employed graphic designer (20+ years experience); subcontractor of Innovative Conferences & Communications for graphic design needs.

At Innovative Conferences & Communications, our goal is to build an open and transparent relationship with each client. How can we serve you today?