What Sets Us Apart

You work directly with the Owner & Principal Planner

Each project, from inception to execution, is managed personally by Heather Reid, Principal Planner. Liaising and working with the Principal Planner, as your dedicated project leader, provides the client with a cohesive and streamlined planning process, as well as access to a vast array of experience and expertise!
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  • 20,000 Starwoods Points donated to UNICEF

Testimonial from Valerie Cade CSP MA, Conflict Resolution and Reconcilliation

We specialize in the non-profit sector

Innovative Conferences & Communications has specialized in planning conferences for groups in the non-profit sector. Our team has a keen awareness of the differences in approach, resources and budgets that this sector demands.

We specialize in “contract negotiations”

One of the most important services that Innovative Conferences & Communications offers is contract negotiations – for both venues and suppliers. Heather vigilantly and thoroughly reviews all contracts to ensure that she negotiates the very best contract possible for each client! Contracts that protect and benefit our clients are those that have been scrutinized and negotiated carefully – put Heather’s expertise to work for you!

We work in the best interest of the client

Innovative Conferences & Communications negotiates the best supplier costs and opportunities for the client:

  • We do NOT take commissions from outside suppliers (eg., hotel, audiovisual, transportation)
  • We do NOT take commissions on sponsorship funds
  • We do NOT mark-up on invoices negotiated (eg., audiovisual, printing)

We provide customized reporting

Over the years, Innovative Conferences & Communications has developed an extensive conference management spreadsheet detailing and tracking every component of the conference. In collaboration with each client, Innovative Conferences & Communications customizes our project management reports to suit our client’s need for information and enable our client’s time for their event to be used wisely.